Small Quilt Groups

Part of the LNCQ Mission Statement is to promote the maintenance of small quilt groups. There are many small quilt groups in LNCQ, each with its own personality and its own way of conducting business. There are a number of day and evening groups.

Some groups enjoy doing round robins, block exchanges, community service projects and many other activities. Besides the work that gets done there is high level of interaction and great fun.

If you are a LNCQ member interested in joining a small group send an email to Paula Petterson, small groups chair.

Group Name Day & Time Contact New Members?
Blazing Needles, FtC 3rd Thur 10-3PM Nita Duke No
Country Stitchers, FtC 1st Wed 9:30-11:30AM Susan Rowland No
Featherweight Club 2nd Thurs at 10:00 Sheila Honeycutt No
Finishing School Last Tue 9:30-12:00 Pat Limburg No
Kindred Quilters, FtC/LV 1st & 3rd Thurs 9:30-11:30AM Helen Aponte Yes
LLAMA Mamas (Lively LongArms/MidArms), FtC/LV 1st & 1st Thurs 10:00 AM Margaret Reek Yes
Mod Quilters, Stitches in Loveland 4th Thur 6:30-8:00PM Sheila Honeycutt Yes
Next Door Neighbor Quilters, FtC 2nd Fri Rinda Gillespie No
Patchers, FtC 2nd Wed
Nita Duke No
Piece by Piece, FtC 2nd Tue 9:30-11:30AM Nancy Stutz Yes
Quilty Pleasures, Stitches in Loveland 1st & Every Tuesday 10-4 Trudie Allen No
Quintessential Quilters 2nd Thurs 10-3:00PM Bunny Sterk No
Quilt Together, LV 1st & 3rd Tuesday morning at 9 AM Eileen Maelzer Yes
Scrappy Firehouse Quilters, Eaton Fire Station 1st & 3rd Thursday
Jane Romey
Sew Much Fabric, The Ranch 2nd & 4th Mondays 9:00 - 2:00
Karen Mosher
Sew n Sews, FtC 3rd Thurs 12:30PM
Joan Rossi
Sisters in Stitches 1st & 3rd Thurs, 9:30AM Anita Walters No
The Rippin' Featherweights, Stitches in Loveland 3rd Thurs 10:00AM Melanie Evans No
Wacky Wednesday Women 2nd & 4th Wed. 9:30AM A.J. Erwine No
Women of the Cloth, LV EVERY Friday 9:30AM Robbie Carpenter Yes