About The Board

LNCQ Mission Statement

LNCQ is a not for profit group devoted to preserving the heritage of quilting. It is open to anyone wishing to share knowledge and skills for all aspects of quilting. The arts involved in quilting shall be the primary focus of this organization. The League is to provide a source of education, information, and inspiration and to encourage a high standard of excellence in quilting and quilt arts. This group provides a forum to meet other quilters interested in organizing small quilt groups. The League shall promote the maintenance of small quilt groups/bees.

LNCQ 2018 Executive Board and Committee Chairs

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Officer Office
Rita Van Dyne President
Nancy Parker 1st Vice President
Julie Chantry 2nd Vice President
Paulette Murray Secretary
Kim Darrow Treasurer

Committee Chairs Committee
Glendy Prouty Community Service
Anita Walters Hospitality
Robbie Carpenter Membership
Vonne Zdenek Publicity
Eunice Michalka Retreats & Events Lead  
Nancy Parker Retreat-2018 Fall Camp  
Carolyn Myers Retreat-2019 Spring  
Barb Moir Show and Tell
Paula Petterson Small Groups
Eileen Maelzer Special Projects
Becky Williamson Website Coordinator