Show and Tell

May 2018 Show and Tell

Nancy Stutz

Connie Peterson - Pink Crumbs

A.J. Erwine - Fancy Foxes Baby Quilt

Barb Maggard - Windblown Daisy circa 1860

Sun Bonnet Sue - Eileen Maelzer

Kathy Klinger - Grandma's Pinwheels

Jan Bowser - American Flag Quilt

Paula Petterson - Farmer's Market Memories

Lorna Cunningham - Scrappy Strings

Karen Mosher - Critters

Rinda Gillespie - Monterey Medallion

Debra Stebbins - The Story of Hue

Rita Van Dyne Bear Paw

Rita Van Dyne Birds in the Air

Kristine Smith - Crystal Clear

Linda Otteman - Antique Hummingbird

Linda Otteman - Antique Applique

Linda Otteman - Antique Flying Geese

Becky Williamson- Giraffe Collage
These pictures are from the Show and Tell presentation of the May, 2018 General Meeting.